Jin Seek Choi

    Undergraduate course: Data Communication, Computer Network, Embedded Software
     Graduate course: Computer Network, Future Internet, Mobile Internet
    [Reserch Interest] Network control and management framework, energy management framework for smart-Grid, software-defined networking, mobile IP, carrier Ethernet, switching and Routing

Tel: 02-2220-1129
Homepage: mir.hanyang.ac.kr


- 1990-1995 PhD Electronic Engineering, KAIST Thesis: Performance of an ATM Packet Switch in Broadband Personalized Multimedia Networks (Ph.D.), Advisor: Professor Chong-Kwan Un.
- 1985-1987 MS Electronic Engineering, KAIST Thesis: Performance Analysis of Code Division Multiple Access Local Area Network (M.S.), Advisor Professor Chong-Kwan Un.
- 1981-1985 BS Electronic Engineering, Sogang University Thesis: A study of P-I-N diode for optical communication, Advisor: Professor Sang Won Yun


- 2004~ Hanyang University, Korea, Professor
- 2001~2004 Information and Communicationsl University, Korea, Assistant Professor
- 1998~2000 National Institute of Standard and Technologies, USA, Invited Researcher
- 1995~2001 Kongju National University, Korea, Assistant Professor
- 1987~1991 LG Information and Communications Ltd., Associate Engineer

Research Projects

- A study of autonomous energy control and absolute Quality of Energy optimization for prevention of electricity shortage, 2013.6~2016.5, National Research Foundation, MESC
- Development of Carrier Ethernet Multiplexer 2010.2~2013.2, Creative, MESC
- Development of Automatic Discovery and Configuration for Mobile Backhaul Carrier Ethernet Switch Network 2010.6.1-2011.5.31, The Small & Medium Business Administration (SMBA), Government
- Development of control protocol for Carrier Ethernet based Wireless backhaul 2009.6.1-2010.5.31, The Small & Medium Business Administration (SMBA), Government
- A study of Ethernet based transport protocol for future Internet 2008.4-2008.12, ETRI
- A study of Optical Internet Protocol 2006.3-2008.2, OIRC (KAIST ERC)


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